[wp-hackers] WordPress.com Stats Plugin Inconsistency

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Thu Mar 20 20:32:40 GMT 2008

I just noticed this...

In the documentation for this plugin:

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Does it count my own hits? =
It does not count the hits of logged in admin users.

In the code:
function stats_footer() {
	global $wp_the_query, $current_user;
	$options = stats_get_options();
	if ( !empty($current_user->ID) || empty($options['blog_id']) )

It's not just checking for "admin" users, it's checking for any logged
in user. Logged in users, of any stripe, don't count for the stats.
Might not be the best thing for blogs that require registration.


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