[wp-hackers] Re: GSoC 2008 Proposal: Core OpenID Support

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 19:08:06 GMT 2008

I think what's missing here is a true discussion of the value that
OpenID can provide to users (not blog owners, contra Ronald).  What
Automattic has, given their ownership of Gravatar and their use of
OpenID on WP.com, is a chance to become a defacto identity provider.
If you can manage what information about you is exposed to any given
site by simply pointing to your OpenID (avatars, email, full name,
etc.) AND Matt, et al. manage to put a nice frontend on the whole
process, well, that's pretty compelling.

As to how that redounds to WP.org and the core WP product, well, you tell me.



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