[wp-hackers] Revision Control in Post?

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Thu Mar 20 02:20:30 GMT 2008

Paul Menard wrote:
> Ben,
Salut Paul

> I'll offer my version of the Blicki plugin if you would like to review.
This is one corner-stone for what I'm working on. I mean it's 
mission-critical. I mean not optional.
So this definitely interests me.
I'm more than willing to wrestle this down to the mat one way or another.
(@Paul: More to you back-channel.)

Anybody wanna kick this around I just created a wiki page as a record of 
over-commitments and mis-deeds:
Fork / extend as you see fit.

If some folk are hearty about coding this (foolish?) I'll gladly ram-rod 
things for the duration.

> I'm making my beta version of the plugiin available for use or review. 
> I'll be posting it to the official plugin repository in the coming 
> week. Though if WP 2.6 is coming with Versioning built-in what is the 
> point really.
If this is in the cards for 2.6 then ... well ... uhrm ... who's coding 
2.6? Isn't "them" us?

In any case I'm all for making a start.

> Paul Menard
ben _autrement_ Bernard Tremblay

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