[wp-hackers] WordPress Tests: Automated Hourly Test Runs

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Wed Mar 19 03:05:47 GMT 2008

Joseph Scott wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2008, at 11:17 AM, Jacob Santos wrote:
>> I've finally gotten around my hosts server issues and was able to get 
>> all of the unit tests to run correctly. It is a fun little site to 
>> see how many tests passed, how many failed, and how many errors there 
>> were, except not in that order.
>> Green = Tests that Passed
>> Yellow = Errors
>> Red = Tests that failed
>> The tests run hourly, but takes about 30 minutes to complete, so look 
>> for it every hour and a half. There is one other feature I've yet to 
>> implement and I have to get the Tests working for WordPress Mu, 
>> (Which will probably involve manually including the tests classes 
>> that are known to work, however probably should just skip those, so 
>> that I don't have to update the system when WordPress Mu 1.5 comes out).
> Are these different tests than what Alex put together at 
> http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-tests ?
> After tweaking things I was able to finally get those tests to run.  I 
> put together a simple process that runs an arbitrary commands (in this 
> case the unit test code) against each revision of wordpress -trunk.  
> The results could then be compared across each revision, making it 
> easy to pin down which revision broke something.
> I'm still getting familiar with the unit test code so I haven't put 
> this out live anywhere.
> -- 
> Joseph Scott
> joseph at randomnetworks.com
> http://joseph.randomnetworks.com/

I was uninterested in building a continuous integration system, however,
you might want to look at Bitten (same people who develop Trac), which
should allow you to run your process automatically through Trac whenever
there is a new commit. I would very much like a continuous integration
system and I believe I've bought it up on the past.

There is also phpUnderControl, which uses a Java Based continuous
integration system. phpUnderControl is hosted on the same server as
phpUnit and can probably be installed using the same PEAR channel.
Actually, there are installation directions.

I suggest you try out those, before you put any more work into your
solution. Who knows, you might develop a PHP continuous system that beats
all of them down.

I'm not trying to create a continuous integration system. I just found,
like you, a problem and decided to provide a web solution. I sent code to
Alex, but I've since realized that everything I need is already in the
WordPress Test system.

Yes, I am using the Alex Automattic WordPress Automated Test System.


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