[wp-hackers] advice needed about plugin repository

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Tue Mar 18 23:51:48 GMT 2008

An alternate way, would be to make the library a wordpress plugin in itself, So that users would be notified to updates of that too.
But thats not going to solve the install stuff.

Personally i'd just have the library seperate in svn somewhere, and include it via a svn external link, I *think* the zips created should include any external content, that way you can at least only update one copy of the library.

The other way you could do it, is to package all the plugins together, and just let the user activate one, or all of the plugins.

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 04:12:37 +1100, Aaron Harun <admin at anthologyoi.com> wrote:

> A quick solution would be to distribute the library four times, but
> only load it once.
> If the library is JS, use the wp_print_scripts function or if it is
> PHP, use an include but only include it some constant is not set.
> Aaron
> On 3/18/08, Robert R. Marsh, SJ <rmarshsj at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>  I have a number of plugin I have created over the years and I would like to
>>  host them in the official repository but I am having some trouble working
>>  out how to structure the plugin files in my own case. I already have two
>>  plugins hosted there with no difficulty but I have four other plugins
>>  (Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and Random Posts) which share
>>  a common code library. Currently I have users upload one folder for each
>>  plugin and one for the shared library. I package four zip files, each with
>>  the two folders in. Now, how do I do something like that with the
>>  repository?
>>  If I have two folders under the svn folder how do I stop users manually
>>  doing the usual thing and uploading the single folder which the repository
>>  supplies? Above all with automatic plugin updates now in place how do I get
>>  that process to work? I want to avoid duplicating the library code four
>>  times.
>>  In summary, the folder structure I want is:
>>  plugins/
>>         similar-posts/
>>         recent-posts/
>>         recent-comments/
>>         random posts/
>>         post-library/
>>  Any ideas?
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