[wp-hackers] Greetings from FCKeditor

Duncan O'Neill dbo at easi.net.nz
Mon Mar 17 11:38:50 GMT 2008

Richard Catto wrote:
>> To my knowledge, there has not been produced an integration of FCKeditor
>> into WordPress that surpasses the value of the existing system. It would be
>> wise to discuss it with Matt before you invest much time or effort into such
>> a project.
> TinyMCE does not correctly mark up text, e.g. it leaves off paragraph
> markers. If I manually put them in, TinyMCE strips them back out.
> I install Dean's FCKeditor on every WordPress installation I create.
> I also use phplist which uses FCKeditor. I can easily move between the two
> systems without editing incompatibilities.
> FCKeditor has made my WordPress experience infinitely better than if I had
> to make do with TinyMCE.

I just want to echo Richard's comments, as it seems from posts
that there aren't many others on this list that do.

During building a cookie-cutter Wordpress installation, I tried
at least half a dozen 'WYSIWYG' editors, including most of those
mentioned. None comes close to FCKeditor.


Duncan O'Neill

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