[wp-hackers] 2.5 admin screen - horizontal scrollbars at 800x600 resolution

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 06:49:55 GMT 2008

John Blackbourn wrote:
> I notice the min-width of the 2.5 admin screen is set to 808px. This
> means that at a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels, horizontal
> scrollbars are displayed. Is there any particular part of the admin
> screen, or any other reason, which means the min-width cannot be
> dropped down to something like 780px to accomodate users with 800x600
> resolutions? We'd all love for everyone to be on at least 1024x768 but
> that's not the case in the real world.
> On a related note, the Media Manager is also unusable at 800x600
> resolution as the tab bar at the top goes off the top of the screen,
> The popup iframe either needs to have a fluid height, or the position:
> fixed needs to be dropped.

I said this how many days/weeks ago, even sent screenshots and yet 
nothing was done to fix it... Ah well.. *shrug*

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