[wp-hackers] Database lookup

Alex Günsche ag.ml2008 at zirona.com
Thu Mar 13 12:58:54 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 08:44 -0400, Alan J Castonguay wrote:
> This would only be an ugly solution if Post atoms were already  
> semantically equivalent to some other real-world object. If not, they  
> could easily be given meta-data, such as for an Address Book. Or, in  
> the ugly case, findangle with category exemption in templates to have  
> different objects co-exist.

The actual reason why this would be a dirty solution is that the posts
table is not laid out for his data. 10,000 records is not much, but with
a larger number you would want to omit spare columns, optimize the other
columns for your needs (considering data types etc.), and especially you
would want to index the data properly.


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