[wp-hackers] Finding installed custom buttons to TinyMCE v3.x

Jess Planck jesse at funroe.net
Wed Mar 12 20:22:19 GMT 2008

I'm trying to figure out a reliable method to determine buttons and  
plugins added after all filtering in tiny_mce_config.php.

You can't do an include on tiny_mce_config.php (duh) nor is it  
possible to do a include capture with ob_start (no kidding). I know  
you could an fopen on the URL or maybe a curl and parse that, but I  
wanted to see if anyone had a decent method of divining tiny_mce  
options in other scripts from the inside?

So the only other possibility seems to try to capture the button,  
plugin, and other tinymce settings through some javascript dancing by  
doing a wp_enqueue_script( 'tiny_mce' ) and trying to parse the values  
without actually setting up an editor.

Am I missing the obvious?


[  :P  ]  jess planck  -  http://funroe.net

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