[wp-hackers] Re: Adding custom buttons to TinyMCE v3.x

Alex Rabe alex.cologne at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 12 14:28:40 GMT 2008

During the investigation for the TinyMCE V3 integration, I had this
terrible problem with the cache file,
it's cost me 2 hours until I found the reason , that my changes in the
plugin dialog are not used as long
as I delete the cache file (not the browser cache).

If I extend in the future my plugin dialog, I want to ensure that the
cache is rebuild and after your post
I found the filter as the best option...

On 12 Mrz., 10:22, Andrew Ozz <ad... at laptoptips.ca> wrote:
> Thanks Alex. It's your contribution too.
> Alex Rabe wrote:
> > One note, as I alreay said before I have problems with the cache/
> > compression mode.
> > I don't want to disable it, so I will add this to my plguin
> > function myplugin_change_tinymce_version($version) {
> >    return ++$version;
> > }
> > // Modify the version when your tinyMCE plugins are changed.
> > add_filter('tiny_mce_version', 'myplugin_change_tinymce_version');
> > I this a good way / solution ? Any opionion ?
> > Of course i can integrate a fixed number, but this could causes
> > problem with other plugins.
> It was meant as a way to one-time invalidate the cache if needed. Any
> change to the init array will invalidate it too, so the tiny_mce_version
> filter is there just as a shortcut. I was even thinking that it's not
> needed.
> What's good about it is that it will also invalidate the browser cache
> when changed. However I can see the limitations. Perhaps it can be left
> as in 2.3, filtering the tiny_mce_config url, so additional args an be
> added. Then each plugin can add it's own arg to the url that will
> invalidate both the server side cache and the browser cache at the same
> time.
> You didn't mention exactly what kind of problems you're having with the
> cache file. Doesn't it get replaced when enabling TinyMCE plugin? Now
> it's stored in /wp-includes/uploads/js_cache. Part of its name is the
> md5 of all settings values, so the name would change every time a
> setting changes.
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