[wp-hackers] Greetings from FCKeditor

Jess Planck jesse at funroe.net
Wed Mar 12 12:22:38 GMT 2008

I think it would be a great idea to make contact with a plugin  

I don't how active these folks are on trac or wp-hackers, but if they  
have a passion for a particular editor then they may be willing to  
submit bugs and make patches to WordPress to make editor plugins more  
stable and easier to change. I think most of the functionality to  
replace editors is already there, but I've never really worked at it.

There are a couple, Deans is a straight replacement ( if I remember  
correctly ) for tinyMCE :


Monster Editor uses WP Super Edit to funnel from tinyMCE to an  
instance of FCKeditor. I checked out Laurel's plugin, it's a very odd  
way to add FCKeditor since it requires another plugin. For full  
disclosure; I developed WP Super Edit to appease my users.


I know there is more out there, but these two seem to want to be  
fairly up to date.


[    :P    ]    jess planck    -    http://funroe.net

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