[wp-hackers] Greetings from FCKeditor

Viper007Bond viper at viper007bond.com
Wed Mar 12 09:56:38 GMT 2008

Bundling two RTE's is probably a bad idea. Just adds bloat, extra download,
etc. We should pick a horse and stick with it (and I'm not arguing for any
particular RTE here).

However, I think it'd be a good idea to make WordPress more module when it
comes to RTEs, not that it isn't already, but it could probably use some
more help.

Basically what I'm suggesting is make the core better support a non-bundled
plugin that allows the replacement of TinyMCE. So, someone either needs to
improve upon the existing plugin or write a new one. Then, wherever there's
problems integrating it into WordPress and replacing TinyMCE, a core patch
should be made up to fix the problem.

And personally, I'm interested in the fruits of this because it seems like
I'm constantly going in and fixing up posts made by clients in TinyMCE that
resulted in horrible HTML, either due to user error (pasting from MSWord) or
TinyMCE error.

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