[wp-hackers] Probably best to move tickets to 2.7 instead

Jared Bangs jared at pacific22.com
Mon Mar 10 16:47:30 GMT 2008

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 7:06 AM, James Davis <james at freecharity.org.uk>

> I the usual pre-release discussion will simply change to "There's a new
> release due out soon and hardly any bugs have been given a milestone!".
> ;-)

I doubt that would be the case. I suspect that as people actually worked on
the tickets they would assign a milestone to them, so you would probably
have a much more accurate picture of what was actually going to be included
in a milestone release than we have now.

We could tweak the system endlessly but I think efforts are best placed
> in working on tickets. I think the system works fine but we could work
> on changing people's expectations that every ticket marked for a
> particular release will magically get fixed by that release.

Of course, the end goal is working on resolving tickets, but having them not
be all dumped in one gigantic default bucket makes working on them a lot
easier. As it is now, if I wanted to set aside some time to work on tickets,
I'd need to spend a good initial chunk of that time digging through the
mountain of tickets that are all assigned to the next version and determine
whether that designation is realistic, or whether it's nowhere near ready
enough to plan for inclusion in the next release, or obsolete, etc.

I agree with the tactic of changing expectations, but I think it's more
logical to change them towards something that makes sense and has meaning.
Just stating that it should be the policy (or "expectation") that the
milestone label pointing to the next version is essentially meaningless
seems a bit silly to me.

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