[wp-hackers] Probably best to move tickets to 2.7 instead

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Mar 10 12:33:40 GMT 2008

DD32 wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:45:11 +1100, DD32 <wordpress at dd32.id.au> wrote:
>> (Btw, Where the ... are the current wordpress unit tests?)
> Here they are :)
> http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-tests/
> (Exept they dont work on windows until PHP 5.3 is available, getopt() only works on linux.. -- PHP 5.3 is currently the dev version)

Yeah, I made this known to Alex and I forget the response, but I think 
it was borderline, "So? Why can't you use Linux?" (However, while I have 
the email in my archives, I'm probably wrong and this phase was probably 
my interpretation of what might have some other meaning.) Anyway, I was 
able to get around it by manually replacing the variables with the best 
I wanted to run.

I don't even do that now. I wrote code which allows me to run the tests 
from a web site. If you would like the code, then I can give it to you. 
It isn't clean, I modified some of the functions in base.php and moved 
the testcase class out of the file in to its own file. I've been meaning 
to clean it up and move my code outside of the official WordPress Tests 

There are also problems with optimization with the Test Runner I'm using 
in the web site tool. I've realized that I can get the results using the 
current Test Runner in the WordPress Tests. I've written the code before 
I started school, and while I've been pecking here and there with the 
code, I've yet to fully implement the changes I'll be happy with.

I didn't have any problem running the test case I wrote before giving it 
to Alex. What I've done is just copy one of the test case files, rename 
the class, and rename the functions, while changing the code inside the 
functions to match what I wanted to test the functionality of the class 
I wanted to cover. I did test it to make sure it worked before giving it 
to Alex, but I believe I used my addon tool for the Official WordPress 
Tests Repository.

I'll be working on it more this week, (eh, only one math test, and then 
I'll be able to work on it) and hope to have something available that 
can be added. I'm starting to think my code isn't that great, since no 
one I send my tools to is actually using them. If you want it, then I'm 
sure you can probably do a better job cleaning it up than I could.


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