[wp-hackers] Probably best to move tickets to 2.7 instead

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 02:53:38 GMT 2008

I brought this up before... I'll say it again...

a) If there's tickets there, like... simpler tickets.. either commit 
them, or forget them. Plain and simple. It shouldn't take 5 years to 
decide IF one should go in or not...and it shouldn't be constantly 
pushed to next "future release trunks" either. Flip a coin as to what ya 
wanna do with it. Done.


Of course the above are examples only. I know a couple didn't have 
patches with them, but still...As for the admin/ design related stuff 
from the previous admin design / setup ... I'd scrap those tickets... 
I'm assuming from 2.5 on out, the NEW design is going to be there, so 
really there's no need to have tickets lingering around from the 
previous admin redesign before the 2.5 version started...

b) Maybe make a new "commit team" or whatever.... that DOES ONLY that 
type of job. Job being, goes through them all, decides to keep them or 
heap them. Maybe even commit them as well. Of course, that "team" should 
be on constant communication with the Lead Devs and such.

We have a testers list, with tons of testers testing on daily basis. If 
the simpler tickets get committed, "we" (testers) can test them ASAP and 
report back with results. IMHO, it's not really going to cause more 
problems... some of those tickets are simple ones. If something does go 
wrong, "we" could report it and I'm sure someone could provide a quick 
"fix" for it as well. Hence having the WP-TESTERS right here....

c) Maybe make a "wp-patches" email list. People that spend alot of time 
testing and or in Trac itself... could join that list, send through the 
list tickets / patches that are up for voting as to what to do with 
it...? For example: Jacob finds 5 tickets lingering in Trac that have 
been there for years or months...

The others on the email list views those tickets... then reports back 
through list... "KEEP or HEAP". Perhaps having a list of users for just 
THAT would help better? It sure beats having to cast votes within 
comments on EVERY SINGLE TICKET on the Trac site... That team could come 
to a decision on each ticket's fate.

Heck, if there's some in there that need a little more LOVE, then 
perhaps that team can come up with better fixes, and have it for testing 
faster too... I don't know though, just throwing out my thoughts, 
opinions and suggestions... :P

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