[wp-hackers] Is there a limit to the number of sub categories?

Dan Larkin nitephire at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 01:27:50 GMT 2008

On 3/8/08, Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
> The only limit to categories that I know of is the number that MySQL can
> store. Categories are stored in the same table as tags and you can have
> something like 99999999999999999999 (or is it "just" 2^20?) different
> categories and tags.

I can't say I know what's causing the issue, but I just thought I'd point
out that the limit should be 2^64 entries, seeing as the ID field in the
database is a BIGINT type.  There may just be performance issues when
dealing with a large number of categories.

:: Dan Larkin

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