[wp-hackers] Internationalizing Plugins and Themes Solutions

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Mar 7 03:59:52 GMT 2008

I look forward to Automattic building and releasing the third solution 
soon. If you need a tester of the system, I'll be more than willing to 
help out with that. I'm sure it will be totally awesome. Thanks, you 
saved me a lot of time this weekend.

Andy Skelton wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 7:24 AM, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name> wrote:
>>  I'm willing to put forth the effort, hopefully if I can find time, this
>>  weekend to retest the #1 solution and implement the #2 solution. In
>>  which case, it would be either up in the air whether to support both
>>  solutions or to support one or the other. As well, both would answer the
>>  question of translating the metadata without the required use of an 3rd
>>  party tool.
> I hope you will see that the solution requiring the least effort and
> providing the most utility is the third option. I hope that you will
> write the few lines of shell script to extract metadata lines from
> plugins and stylesheets and add them to a .pot file. I hope that you
> will wrap this in a PHP script and make it available to the public.
> A bounty for the person who completes this meager task: you write it,
> you host it, you get a ton of backlinks.


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