[wp-hackers] Internationalizing Plugins and Themes Solutions

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Mar 6 17:05:42 GMT 2008

Dan Coulter wrote:
> Ok, I don't think anyone has suggested this, but forgive me if it's already
> been brought up.  Why not create a filter for the $plugin_data array that
> gets generated in wp-admin/plugins.php file?  Then, if a one is
> internationalizing one's plugin, they can create a simple function to hook
> into that filter and used the gettext funcionts on the fields.
This has already been done and rejected as unacceptable, both as 
practice/security and for convenience. There might already be a patch in 
the ticket that does this, or it might be in another location. Really, I 
think the solution was for adding and modifying the metadata, but it 
could have been used for this purpose as well.


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