[wp-hackers] Internationalizing Plugins and Themes Solutions

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Mar 6 16:02:42 GMT 2008

Anirudh Sanjeev wrote:
> I believe that the most appropriate way will involve having all the
> translators not edit one file.
> I'd suggest along with the pot files, a seperate text file, like
> desc-(langcode).txt can hold the descritption, which can safely be checked
> and read from without touching the plugin.

None of the solutions involve editing just one file, unless you mean the 
.pot file to create the .mo file, then in that case you would be correct.

I would rather work within the tools that exist now then having a lot of 
desc-[locale].txt files. You would have to create a whole new API for 
extracting the multibyte characters from the file. I would just as 
rather use the translate API, which two of the three involve and the 
third involves just allowing the user to download the metadata in their 
language from the WordPress Plugin Repository.


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