[wp-hackers] wp-filesystem

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 03:20:02 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> I can confirm Spencerp's report as I have also done as Spencerp's steps.
> This is the link I'm redirected to (and yes, I do know this is a live 
> system):
> http://www.santosj.name/wp-admin/update.php?action=upgrade-plugin&plugin=altmailer/alt-mailer.php 
> Is the 404. It is interesting, very interesting. So update.php exists 
> of course. However, something is causing the 404 error. It might be 
> unrelated to any change dealing with the wp-filesystem. To confirm 
> that, would have to do something else that handles actions and as such.

Thanks for confirming this Jacob. It's good to know I'm not alone at 
"seeing" this issue. =) Perhaps looking back through the last handful of 
SVN commits once, might help pinpoint a cause of the 404?

> As an aside, since this deals with testing, any vote on moving any 
> further account to wp-testing mailing list? There might be others 
> other there having similar problems.

Yeah I agree, this should be taken to wp-testers list now. Since it's 
regarding the TRUNK and new feature, which of course is still in testing 

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