[wp-hackers] Re: The fixed with of the admin area

Aaron D. Campbell wp-hackers at ezdispatch.com
Wed Mar 5 02:52:54 GMT 2008

Just thought I'd add my $.02.  Make it fluid and let the user adjust 
accordingly.  That's how most applications work (websites aside), seems 
most logical, and is what I prefer (this may not carry much weight, but 
it is *my* $.02 right?).

Matt Thomas wrote:
>> Words cannot emphasize how much I am against this. I personally run
>> 1600x1200 for the sole reason of not having to deal with this kinda stuff. I
>> like my input boxes nice and wide. I like not having to scroll vertically as
>> much. etc.
> I'm in agreement here. I think keeping the admin the full width of the
> browser is the most logical behavior. Like any other piece of
> software, users can and will size the window like they want it. That
> makes more sense, to me, than preventing users from having a full-
> width admin if they want it (or having to resort to plugins for such
> an obvious behavior).
> MT
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