[wp-hackers] Re: The fixed with of the admin area

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Wed Mar 5 00:58:00 GMT 2008

>> Well-designed sites and web apps take that into account by
>> using either (1) use a fixed-width layout (i.e. A List Apart),
>> or (2) use a fluid layout but ensuring that line lengths remain
>> reasonable through fixed-width containers (i.e. Google Reader).
> I believe it's more natural for a software interface -- creating
> and managing content -- to be fully-fluid. The new Yahoo! Mail,
> Gmail, and Google Groups, which I'm writing in right now are
> all good examples.

Gmail and Google Groups follow method (2).  They use a fluid layout but
ensure that line lengths remain reasonable via means like fixed-width

Yahoo! Mail doesn't, and accordingly suffers on wide screens for emails that
aren't hard-wrapped.  Studies on optimum line lengths go back to the late
1800s, so the Yahooligans don't have much of an excuse.

Just to be clear, I like fluid layouts.  There are lots of good examples of
fluid layouts that keep readability sane.

-- Charles

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