[wp-hackers] no-code-duplication i18n for WordPress

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Mar 4 15:45:34 GMT 2008

Just as a small note, on what Lionel sent out:

> Plugin descriptions will have to be converted to being translated
> with gettext, too. (Any volunteer to take care of that, code-wise?)

There's already a bug report on this in Trac:


All that's really needed is (a) a way to get the plugin description 
into the POT/PO/MO files, and then (b) a modification of the code in 
WP that displays descriptions, to run it through gettext using the 
appropriate catalog name. There are already suggestions/patches for 
(b) in that Trac report.

The problem is (a), in my opinion. Getting plugin authors to use a new 
internationalization tool to add the description to their POT file 
will be a problem... many don't even bother to internationalize their 
plugins at in the first place, and others use some non-gettext scheme 
they thought of themselves...

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