[wp-hackers] Blank index.php in wp-content/plugins

Paolo Tresso / Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon Mar 3 22:23:36 GMT 2008

Il giorno 03/mar/08, alle ore 07:49, Matt ha scritto:

> Found out something odd today, if you put a blank index.php in the  
> plugins
> folder, the Dashboard link will point to
> wp-admin/admin.php?page=index.phpinstead, which is a blank page (with
> the usual Admin styling).
> Happens in both 2.3.3 and 2.5.

It happens also with every plugin that plugs themselves into the main  
page, like search meter [1] or owa [2].
I thought it was already reported but I can't find the ticket.

[1] http://www.thunderguy.com/semicolon/wordpress/search-meter-wordpress-plugin/
[2] http://www.openwebanalytics.com/


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