[wp-hackers] Re: The fixed with of the admin area

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Mon Mar 3 21:15:37 GMT 2008

Personally I liked the first layout most, with the "fluid" right margin. 
It made the page look well balanced even in very wide window. The only 
problem with it was that it needed to shrink to about 10px at 800px wide 
window and grow from there faster.

While trying different ways to put min-width in IE6 without breaking 
anything, one of the layouts was to split the page into 3 main blocks: 
editor, submitbox and settings, then float them all left, so they would 
line up horizontally in wide window or drop one under the other in 
narrow window. That looked good too, although a bit unexpected.

Alex Hempton-Smith wrote:
> Although I personally rather the admin panel aligned to the left, perhaps it
> could be an idea to give users a choice between the two. A radio button
> choice in the "Misc" section of "Options" with:
> * Fixed width
> * Fluid width
> Or something along those lines. We can add a class to the <body> tag to say
> whether its fluid or fixed, so styling it would be a piece of cake.
> There seems to be lots of people in favor of both routes, and giving them
> both is possible, so why not? Just my two cents :P
> Alex
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