[wp-hackers] wp-filesystem

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 08:22:41 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> I'll say, that since I haven't been able to get it to work and don't 
> have enough time to pinpoint where the problem is that you should 
> probably try it and give feedback on what is occurring. It is 
> fascinating, but I feel that others won't be able to get it to work 
> either.

Ah, well...currently all my plugins are up-to-date AFAIK. I've been 
checking the Plugin page lately, and nothing is letting me know of 
out-dated plugins and such. I could try some things out soon though, 
most likely one of these upcoming evenings after work.

> As to answer your question for configuration, you don't do it after, 
> you enter the information and it takes it and tries to download and 
> copy the files. It doesn't save the information because of security 
> (might be wrong). It only supports FTP technology, which shouldn't 
> pose any problem to those who use Subversion (my problem is most 
> likely permissions and/or extension, etc).

Ahh, okay. I'm following you now. Thanks Jacob. =)

> As for configuring before an installation, that doesn't sound like 
> something that makes sense when upgrading plugins, you should have 
> plugins already at the latest when you have a new installation. 

That's true.

> How it works:
> It works when the plugin page finds that your plugin is out of date, 
> it will provide a link to let you download the plugin automatically.
> Once you click this link, you provide FTP information to your server.
> It will then retrieve the plugin download, upload it to your server 
> and replace it with the old plugin.

Thanks for the short and sweet description of how it works. =) So 
basically, instead of having that older method (where that yellow-ish 
banner like thing is showing under a specific out-dated plugin) of 
letting you know if a plugin is out-dated, it will give a link for you 
to click and enter FTP informations and then technically auto-update 
itself using FTP or whatever right?

Also, are specific folders going to need a specific CHMOD setting prior 
to doing this FTP-ing? Like, ROOT/ 777 or 755, wp-content/ 777 or 755 or 
whatever? I don't mind doing the chmod thing, if it's only a temporary 
thing. Just wondering if this is going to need chmod similar to when ya 
upload images via the Write Post page... I had to chmod the 
wp-content/uploads/ folder(s) 777 I think it was, in order for it to 
work. But to me, leaving 777 chmod on folders is a baaaad thing to do... 
So I basically stopped uploading images via the Write Post section and 
rechmod the folders 755/ text files 644.

> In theory, it should work. I'm a little biased because I can't get it 
> to work.

I'll have to try and test this out sometime this week. Probably the 
beginning of the week, after work some time. End of the week is going to 
be really really busy for me...

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