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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Mar 3 07:50:28 GMT 2008

> 2008/3/3, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name>:
>>  > One more thing I haven't seen anyone bring up yet - improvements to
>>  > wordpress.org.
>> I'm working on something at the moment that I think you should add to
>>  wordpress.org, but I'll have to talk to Alex Shiels first. Basically,
>> how
>>  about a continuous integrated type of system, which tracks the SVN +
>>  WordPress Testing SVN to let testers know if there is any breakage.
>>  I have a basic system in place, but it is crap. Just terrible code. I
>> was
>>  planning on improving it and I have to before WordCamp Dallas. However,
>>  while I think it would be great, I'll rather get Alex's opinion on the
>>  updated code (when I get around to write it).
> Jacob, I think covering more of the code with unit tests and getting
> the idea of testing closer to the WordPress culture would be a better
> idea than a continuous integration system. There is no point of
> running tests every hour if there are no, or rarely/poorly written
> tests.
> Happy hacking,
> Nikolay.

Thanks Nikolay,

I would take that advice, but I've already invested enough time into a
working solution. Actually, I built it because I found the CGI method
wasn't working for me. The feature set that I need to finish, I suspect
will take no more than 8 straight hours.

I should probably clarify for those who know what a continuous integration
system is, which my system is not. Well, not really. Basically, I want it
to run every hour and run the tests and record the system so that visitors
can see the results.

I think that Alex (and any others working on the unit tests) to get the
amount of current tests. While I agree that there aren't a lot, I still
think that there are enough and eventually will be a complete coverage of
functions and methods. Down the road, but it will be far interesting now
for testers.

However, I'll be hosting it on my server regardless of what anyone thinks.
I'll let you know how many hits I get (I predict at least 1 person will
visit the site every now and again).

As for the amount of test cases, I hope that my session does something
about that. I hope to also do something about that, however my personal
timeline has been extended to around September-ish.

Improving the Test Cases could also be a GSOC project, however, I think
people should be writing test cases and sending them to Alex regardless.

Jacob Santos

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