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In 2.5, there is currently a filesystem class library which will make it
easier to build a plugin which also upgrades WordPress. However, you have
to keep in mind that some users manually update core WordPress files, so
you would have to move the old version, so that the user can transfer the
previous changes and make diffs.

I think that if the plugins upgrader works out well enough, that a next
version will have the WordPress Upgrader using the same system.

I think that it is already something that might be done before the year is
over. I think that you have 2.6 and 2.7 coming out this year. At the very
latest, if the plugin upgrader works well for enough people, that it will
be in 2.7. If it is in 2.6, then it will be well before the Summer of Code
is complete.

> I think given the fact that the number one most requested feature on the
> ideas page is an automated upgrade process, it may be a good idea to
> integrate this into the core.  I believe there's at least one plug-in that
> already accomplishes this, but it seems like a lot of the people who would
> be using the feature in the first place [either less than fully
> comfortable
> with uploading/changing files or just lazy] wouldn't want to be installing
> plugins anyway.  In any case, the core integration probably wouldn't be
> enough to warrant a GSoC project by itself, so perhaps combining it with
> another idea or few from the top of the list?  I'm just trying to figure
> out
> how much work qualifies for a full GSoC proposal before I get around to
> writing one or a few of them up...
> :: Dan Larkin
> On 3/3/08, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
>> There's an excellent source of ideas that would matter to regular users:
>> http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/
>> Also I think all proposals should decide up front whether their success
>> will be measured as a plugin in the plugin directory or as a core patch.
>> If it's the latter, it needs to be vetted as something we'd actually
>> accept and should follow our commit early and often philosophy.
>> Preferably the first version should be in after the first half of the
>> timeline, and the second half should be making improvements, testing,
>> and bug fixing.
>> One more thing I haven't seen anyone bring up yet - improvements to
>> wordpress.org.
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