[wp-hackers] Streamlining Includes

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Mar 3 03:39:12 GMT 2008

I'll say, this thread is entirely pointless. The best method is to do 
what Computer Guru does. You are better off, just using require_once() 
and having all plugins use that instead of building an API which does 
the same thing.

What Computer Guru does is generally the suggested way to improve 
performance. Which is to have everything in one file that you need and 
only load those files. This would be extremely bad during development, 
and you will have a build system which does it for you. So basically, 
you would determine what each different sections are needed and load 
only those.

I suppose with plugins, it does create a difficult problem. I suggest 
instead of just having everything in one file, which means you only have 
one require() to load everything. This isn't as good as CC methods as 
you'll still have a massive file, but PHP is generally fast at 
compiling, so it shouldn't be that bad.

However, please don't do this for Trunk, it will make it extremely 
difficult to code.


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