[wp-hackers] The fixed with of the admin area

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Sun Mar 2 18:57:46 GMT 2008

Viper007Bond wrote:
> Just updated my SVN install and noticed that now everything is a fixed width
> (designed for a 1024 pixel screen).
> Words cannot emphasize how much I am against this. I personally run
> 1600x1200 for the sole reason of not having to deal with this kinda stuff. I
> like my input boxes nice and wide. I like not having to scroll vertically as
> much. etc.
> I realize it's an easy edit on my part to fix it (and I'll probably release
> a plugin to fix this if it stays this way), but please reconsider this
> change. All that white space to the right looks ugly as sin and it really
> hampers the ease of use of the admin area.
> For those on low resolution desktops, here's what I mean:
> http://pic.phyrefile.com/2008/03/02/whitespace.jpg

If using TMCE you can always go to Fullscreen and have it as big as your 
monitor would let you :)

There are a lot of studies about optimal line length, onscreen 
readability, etc. All suggest that 10" is best, but note that most users 
prefer 6" - 8". The current admin follows these findings.

Also most themes have a fixed width for the post area, usually about 8", 
so keeping TMCE at about 8" wide would mimic how the post will look when 

In any case, try typing a 1000 words post in full screen in TMCE to see 
how it works for you.

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