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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Mar 2 06:59:35 GMT 2008

spencerp wrote:
> Just curious, how could/would this be configured AFTER an 
> installation? I heard that it could be configured DURING an 
> installation (If this is correct right?), but what-if someone already 
> has all their blogs setup, running SVN, and already had TRUNK (2.5) 
> there?
> Or am I missing this all together? Can someone explain this 
> feature/function(s) in short, but easily understandable detail? =) I 
> read through the comments on the ticket, but it's still a little bit 
> confusing. http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5586
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I'll say, that since I haven't been able to get it to work and don't 
have enough time to pinpoint where the problem is that you should 
probably try it and give feedback on what is occurring. It is 
fascinating, but I feel that others won't be able to get it to work 
either. Once I get enough time, I think I'll rather work with DD32 on 
adding support for Subversion. I think also test cases could also be 
written and if I had time, I would do that also.

Overall, you'll have to wait until the man, the master, the creator of 
the system or Ryan to give more information. At the moment, I'm happy 
such a system exists, but I'd be happier if it actually worked or 
supported SVN. Both of them are fixing issues, so I'm crossing my 
fingers that the issue that I'm having will fall into one of the fixes.

As to answer your question for configuration, you don't do it after, you 
enter the information and it takes it and tries to download and copy the 
files. It doesn't save the information because of security (might be 
wrong). It only supports FTP technology, which shouldn't pose any 
problem to those who use Subversion (my problem is most likely 
permissions and/or extension, etc).

As for configuring before an installation, that doesn't sound like 
something that makes sense when upgrading plugins, you should have 
plugins already at the latest when you have a new installation. Also, 
the involvement is done in the plugin page anyway, so if it exists, I 
doubt it is of very much use. However, I do know there are a few 
constants which might allow you to define them within either a plugin or 
in wp-config.php. However, the ones that I've seen do not involve very 
much configuration, depending on what you are trying to do.

How it works:

It works when the plugin page finds that your plugin is out of date, it 
will provide a link to let you download the plugin automatically.

Once you click this link, you provide FTP information to your server.

It will then retrieve the plugin download, upload it to your server and 
replace it with the old plugin.

In theory, it should work. I'm a little biased because I can't get it to 


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