[wp-hackers] Shared Users Table

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat Mar 1 05:18:27 GMT 2008

I have a new blog network that is preparing to launch, and since the  
number of blogs is relatively low, I decided to go with the shared  
users table approach as opposed to using WP-MU.

My Question is this... what's the best way to get users who register  
to have a default role of 'subscriber' across all blogs. If they  
register on one, they are in the table, seen by the other blogs, but  
have a 'no role on this blog' permission. I'd like them to be set as  
subscriber automatically.

Any help on formulating an approach to this would be great. Any  
solution I come up with will be shared freely with the WP community....

Alternatively, if I can get some idea on how the permissions are  
stored in the usermeta table (particularly the capabilities key) I  
can probably come up with a solution on my own. Again, any insight  
you can give me will be helpful.

I anxiously await your response.



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