[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: Post Bookmarklet

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Sat Mar 1 04:53:15 GMT 2008

Greets -

I've used clients for posting to LiveJournal. I liked a couple of them 
... for a while ... but it always seemed like over-kill. Maybe if they'd 
been designed better ... or maybe it was just more than I needed.

More often I've used the blogspot.com bookmarklet as a sort of 
clip-board, select text, click the b'marklet, copy the html from the 
window (selected text along with document title formated as a link), do 
it again and again and in no time 4 or 5 blocks of text c/w fully 
described URLs.

How about a minimalist bookmarklet? Just the post form with a subset of 
features. (When working wordpress.com maybe a menu to allow selecting 
which blog to post to.)

apologies if this wasn't meant as a wish-list thread


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