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khaled Abou Alfa brokenkode at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 14:03:37 GMT 2006

As I've been on a creative HIGH this week, it was only fitting that I
complete a great deal of Shuttle work. I've altered a couple of things and
I've added a few things. Once I've sent through all the jpegs (I'm hammering
every single page effectively) I think I'll have said everything I can say
about the WP admin panel. That will be me done. All the files will be
available for anyone to tweak and change as they will but I will have
fullfilled my end of the bargain.

I'm sure Bryan, Joen and Mike specifically will have lots of comments on the
pages I do, however I think it's time we kicked it in the head, and that's
what this little exercise will do. If I was to start from fresh and think
things through, based on all the discussions and mockups we've done what
would I come up with? I won't really be revisiting these mockups unless it's
something small, but then the person making the comment has the opportunity
to do that themselves.

There might be a couple of things that I think will work in a particular
way, if Matt et all think that's a bad idea then I'll try and come up with
an alternative however I don't think I'm being too demanding in my clever
javascript/ajax/php thoughts.

Because the next emails you get will be MAMMOTH emails, I just wanted to
take this chance (the calm before the storm) to say that it's been an
absolute pleasure working with everyone on the Shuttle team. I have
definitely grown as a designer because of the interaction we've had for the
past year and a half, but as I feel everyone is just about done with this
project and would like to move on to bigger things. It should have been done
in like 6 months, it's dragged on far too long.

Still I don't regrett a single second I've spent trolling through the files
or the agro I got when something didn't go my way, that's all part of the
learning process and I'd like to thank everyone for sticking with the
project for as long as it has been going.

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