[wp-design] Kicking it into Second Gear

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Fri Apr 28 09:55:06 GMT 2006

khaled Abou Alfa wrote:
> If we don't get the coding done (i.e Joshua and Chris are far too busy), 
> do you think that you would ever get around to implementing the design 
> yourselves?

Certainly parts of it, yes. Over time more and more can be incorporated 
and adapted within the natural evolution of WP.

> If not, then why not? Are there areas of the design you do not like?

I'm a rounded corner guy myself. ;)

> Is it a priority for you guys, or just a nice to have (I'd like to 
> inject and say that it'll be a massive boost to the software from 
> absolutely every angle, so if it's not a priority it really should be)?

I'd say it's medium-priority. It'll probably benefit more from a gradual 
introduction then a change-everything-overnight approach.

There are also some things that I think would clean up the current 
design quite a bit, and could even make a minor point release. I'd love 
to have the wide boxes on the Post page look like the smaller ones, and 
have the rounded bottom when things are closed, for example.

Is there an archive of all the versions along the way somewhere? I'd be 
happy to host such a thing, it might be interesting to see how things 
have evolved.

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