[wp-design] Kicking it into Second Gear

khaled Abou Alfa brokenkode at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 10:01:45 GMT 2006

Ok I think it's time we all had a candid talk :). I'd just like to ask a few
honest questions to Matt and Ryan. This is just so that we can decide where
to go from here, how to approach the future of the project, etc.

If we don't get the coding done (i.e Joshua and Chris are far too busy), do
you think that you would ever get around to implementing the design
If not, then why not? Are there areas of the design you do not like?
Is it a priority for you guys, or just a nice to have (I'd like to inject
and say that it'll be a massive boost to the software from absolutely every
angle, so if it's not a priority it really should be)?

Depending on how Joshua and Chris feel, I'm seriously not adverse to opening
up the design to the entire WP coding community. The design to a large
degree has been implemented. It's a matter of making it a reality. That
reality is out of my hands to be honest. I'll do everything in my powers to
get more help if that's what you think is needed. Whatever you guys need,
I've just noticed that I can set up an SVN in Dreamhost, so I can have one
up and running for everyone asap if you want. Whatever is needed please tell

Lets get talking. No one word answers from you Matt :), I know you're sparse
on words but I really want you to be as honest about all of this as
possible. What is your ideal situation to get this coded up and into the
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