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Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Tue Jun 14 09:09:48 GMT 2005

Just a short note to say: Very nice, I like it a lot. Kudos.

However, having seen my own, and this, and the other suggestions, I want 
to make another alternative. One that's pulled back, and more 
minimalistic. I don't want that to be the whole new direction of the 
project, but rather just be an exploration of that particular path.

So: very nice, and I'll make an "exploration" of a different path. Don't 
be alarmed, I'm not going to "revolt" everything again, rather just see 
"what it would be like". As always, I can give no estimate as to when 
this'll happen, but probably once I get my Internet back at home. Doh.

Khaled Abou Alfa wrote:

> As promised I'm sending out my updated version. Just a few points:
> 1. I loved the two colours Joen used for his logo, so I used that to 
> make the top more powerful. A subtle gradient does wonders I find.
> 2. Something about the tabs doesn't sit right with me. I dunno. We've 
> had square tabs, rounded tabs, glass tabs, silver/metal navigation 
> bar, and now the latest is the popular to OS systems 2 step gradient. 
> The problem with this particular method is that the secondary 
> navigation doesn't really fit in. I've not got all the answers here, 
> just haven't gotten that secondary inspiration as yet. I'll be 
> thinking about this in the next day or so, but if anyone's got any 
> cool ideas that's what we're all here for, to try and actually inspire 
> each other into getting something that's better than what we could 
> seperately come up with.
> 3. About the logo. I've not played around with it yet. I just slapped 
> it in there to see what it would look like, trying to keep thins 
> simple and all. I fully intend to hack it good in the coming days. 
> Joen where's the psd for you logo buddy?
> 4. I think we can include some images in here and make things oh so 
> much more fun. I know we talked about this before and how it would 
> only be done if it was adding to the actual user experience. That's my 
> next focus.
> 5. Only reason I hid the system message is because I'm trying to see 
> what it will generally look like. Having said that I love what you've 
> done Joen with the curves and the gradient. Very cool. We should 
> definitely use that. Maybe subtle change in colours since they don't 
> really work as great with the header colours, but you get what I mean.
> Okay here they are. Comments people, even if you don't like it, just a 
> quick note will be cool, lets get talking and hyped up about this 
> again :).
> PSD can be downloaded here:
> www.brokenkode.com/shuttledev/v9_shuttle.psd 
> <http://www.brokenkode.com/shuttledev/v9_shuttle.psd>
> Khaled
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