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Joshua Sigar jls_online at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 01:18:58 GMT 2005

Few points also,
a. I could never imagine how the second level could
integrate well, not in
this version 9 either. It's like the only solution is
to make it drop down,
but then that's a whole another debate.
b. About "log out" and "view site", never fond of
those inside the
parentheses. I'd go with something like the "sign in"
and "help" on this
page http://www.technorati.com/.


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As promised I'm sending out my updated version. Just a
few points:

1. I loved the two colours Joen used for his logo, so
I used that to make
the top more powerful. A subtle gradient does wonders
I find. 

2. Something about the tabs doesn't sit right with me.
I dunno. We've had
square tabs, rounded tabs, glass tabs, silver/metal
navigation bar, and now
the latest is the popular to OS systems 2 step
gradient. The problem with
this particular method is that the secondary
navigation doesn't really fit
in. I've not got all the answers here, just haven't
gotten that secondary
inspiration as yet. I'll be thinking about this in the
next day or so, but
if anyone's got any cool ideas that's what we're all
here for, to try and
actually inspire each other into getting something
that's better than what
we could seperately come up with.

3. About the logo. I've not played around with it yet.
I just slapped it in
there to see what it would look like, trying to keep
thins simple and all. I
fully intend to hack it good in the coming days. Joen
where's the psd for
you logo buddy?

4. I think we can include some images in here and make
things oh so much
more fun. I know we talked about this before and how
it would only be done
if it was adding to the actual user experience. That's
my next focus.

5. Only reason I hid the system message is because I'm
trying to see what it
will generally look like. Having said that I love what
you've done Joen with
the curves and the gradient. Very cool. We should
definitely use that. Maybe
subtle change in colours since they don't really work
as great with the
header colours, but you get what I mean.

Okay here they are. Comments people, even if you don't
like it, just a quick
note will be cool, lets get talking and hyped up about
this again :).

PSD can be downloaded here:


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