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Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 22:02:31 GMT 2005

Evening/afternoon/morning all,

I'm working on the mock up v9 as we speak, however I see a distinct lack of 
action on progressing what we talked about. So I thought it would be good to 
write a list of things to do (I know we all love those) and see who can take 
the responsibility of tackling said actions, and maybe even putting a 
deadline to them. Please feel free to add to them as you wish:

1. Complete Mock up that all three design monkeys are happy with (Joen, 
Michael and myself). 
2. Present to the rest of the team to get feedback from. Something might be 
feasible others not so feasible (like the fading in action that Chris kindly 
pointed out is not great at this moment, even though I think makes 
everything run softer).
3. Set up the CVS system for tracking changes to files etc. Erm I could be 
using the wrong term here, so please some one step up and say how the best 
way to do this would be.
4. Start implementing design.
5. Finish changes.
6. Testing.

A few points about some of the above:
1.Very crude and oversimplified, yet but these are the things we've got in 
front of us. Now then I think the design team (ja,mh and kaa) has to promise 
that by the end of next week we shall have a mock up ready to go. I promise 
that I will start by sending my v9 sketch tomorrow evening. Comments should 
come in from people, implemented and moved on. I know it sounds extreme but 
we have been talking and doing this for 5 months now. It's time to move on 
to the next phase.

2. The design team provides it's final design to the coding team who give 
comments about things they're not happy with etc.

3. Would it be possible to have the system set up by the end of the week as 
well. Maybe you guys should start talking about the wordpress architecture 
for the admin, what are the best methods for the whole implementation etc.

Thoughts? Sorry if it all feels a bit urgent, but I think it's time we just 
got on with this :).
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