[wp-design] A few words on Joen's v8

Joshua Sigar jls_online at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 19:12:48 GMT 2005

Get it implemented? Not so fast, we need to apply your
suggestions to the
mockup and everyone to approve it, like Chris said.

> * Shouldn't the 'View Site' link be on the name of
the blog?
The name of the blog could link to frontpage as well,
but I think we still
need "View Site" to be there 'cause it's more


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Hey everyone,

This is the last week of my busy-period, so I'll soon
be back in  
black :)

Here are a few notes on Joen's latest 'sketch':

* While not entirely related to Joen's sketch, I don't
really like  
the new WordPress logo, if indeed the one Matt showed
us a little  
while back will be the final one. I am much more into
something along  
the lines of the hearts or something equally iconic.

* One the whole 'Aqua', I can get used to it. But we
need to  
implement it with great care, so as to not look like
an Apple.com  

* I'd love to see some bolder colors taken into use :)

* Shouldn't the 'View Site' link be on the name of the

* The submenu could be mildly confusing. It's not
immediately obvious  
which of the two links is the active one.

*  I would like to see the 'Preview' section moved up
over the  
'Advanced' section, especially if the plan is for it
to be live.

* I love the fact that the excerpt area has a little
more space than  
it does in the current version :)

* The password and post slug, should IMO be moved
under the categories.

Now we just need to get it implemented :)

- Mike

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