[wp-design] First Draft

Chris Davis chrisdmitri at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 00:06:52 GMT 2005

Don't worry mate, no one is scaring me off anytime soon.  I merely
don't won't to waste time and our collective energy on dead ends, no
ego here honestly.  And I think you are correct this is only mockup,
but from your comment about refinement I was just acting

Make up your mind man, upper case K or lower case k!  Heh, I have some
ideas and I wouldn't mind sharing them, I am just not sure how
productive it would be, it might be better for me to wait until the
more visual design process, since what I am thinking is leaning more
towards that.

See above!  One thought I have had doesn't need to be mocked up, only
said.  I find it incredibly frustrating that any custom meta I set is
below the fold.  I also think I you should be able to set custom meta
on a global scale, but that is more for the hackers list than this
one.  What I would propose is that custom meta once created is moved
above the post content area so it is more readily available for
updating and editing.  But that might just be me, since I am making
extensive use of custom meta now.

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