[wp-design] First Draft

Chris Davis chrisdmitri at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 15:34:52 GMT 2005

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been out of touch lately, first baby related doctors
appointment and all.

I have been lurking and reading everything and I am pretty stoked
about the amount of ideas and communication that I see happening

That being said I will be adding my own thoughts and ideas to this as
soon as I can, but one quick bit first.

Matt had mentioned something I had done many moons ago, and Joen was
wanting to see it I think.

So here you go, not much really but a good place to see where I was
going with a redesign of the UI at one point.

One note, this is not all my original work, I was shown a photoshop
comp of some guys wishfull thinking in IRC and asked to actually make
a working prototype, so I did making various changes here and there.

So all that to say see attached.
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