[wp-design] A Quick Sketch

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Thu Feb 17 12:45:17 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

> I do not doubt that there is a type of person who may be confused by 
> an input box, but I think we can pretty safely say that they won't be 
> using WordPress in the first place. I think most of our usability 
> problems lie not in the styling of the form elements, which I've never 
> seen anyone have trouble with (though they really sucked in the 
> 0.7-1.0 days) but with the intuitiveness and flow of getting tasks done.

But is it worth taking the chance of thinking you know better than every 
usability expert in the world, just because you want a 1px dark border?

Just because people are used to the web metaphor, doesn't mean an 
unstyled input box wouldn't work better.

On a sidenote, emails such as this do not well communicate sentiments, 
and I would just like to say that I'm thrilled we are having this 
discussion, and no matter what we end up doing, we can say we discussed it.

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