[wp-design] A Quick Sketch

Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 23:39:33 GMT 2005

Right time for my sketch.

I've taken from both a little here and a little there. I like how
Michael got rid of the white and kept it grey. Didn't think it would
work but it does add a great simplicity. While I've kept the actual
lines around I'd much rather have the dark and white line motif you
see in applications for those sort of things. I just haven't worked
out how to make them work to be honest.

Now the major change I've done is the addition of the resources tab
and putting the categories in a tab of their own. I think we should
have a resources tab. There are soo many great things out there for WP
that it's a shame that they're not highlighted for all users. Like the
Codex and the wp-plugins repository and the wp-themes repository (once
it's done).

We could have links to specific sites that are of value like w3c in
the presentation tab or whatever.

I've added some colour in the background. Remember that timestamp
won't be up there all the time. I've also given them little buttons so
that the panels can be hidden. I'm not saying that's the best way of
doing things, just an idea that can be elaborated on.

Also the advanced button, makes things simple by hiding the advanced
features, but I think it should be easy to distinguish. While the
arrow in general terms is something most of us get, should something
as simple as a blue underlined text be more effective? Would both be
more effective?

I like the help links, and I like the quicktag buttons. I like the
increase and decrease textarea as well.

I've moved the user information to the side because I think it fits
better there on it's own. I could be wrong.

I've included my 'logo' just to indulge myself and see what it would
look like. Matt you can ignore it :), just close your eyes and it
won't be there :).

Also with regards to stretching, I'd really like to restrict that. I'm
on a 1600x 1200 screen, it really doesn't look very tight when it
stretches all the way across. Yes I understand the majority users are
probably on 1024s, but I'd like to restrict it to what's shown in the
jpg. Not have it spill any further, or to actually stop stretching
after a certain value.

Okay I'll start tackling all the points raised by Joen and Michael now :)

For everyone to have a look:

For J+M to continue the PS tennis.

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:16:40 +0100, Joen Asmussen <joen at noscope.com> wrote:
> Two small things:
> I noticed I wrote
> "However, post status, post slug, at the very least, should be visible
> by default."
> obviously that was a bit hasty, since the post status has a lovely piece
> of real estate.
> Secondly:
> > 2) support Markdown and Textile.
> >
> I'm pretty sure the current preview does that already, provided the
> plugins are enabled.
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