[wp-design] HTML Comps?

Michael Heilemann heilemann at mac.com
Wed Feb 16 22:19:07 GMT 2005

I don't think he's right at all. Cutting it either way is entirely 
missing the point.

It took me 30 minutes perhaps to think up as well as move stuff around, 
and it was out the door. And if we were to press the proverbial 'go' 
button, I could sit down and pretty much nail the design as it looks on 
the sketch.

If I had to do the same sketch using only my favorite browser and text 
editor combo, it'd take me maybe twice, maybe even three or four times 
what I can do in Photoshop. And knowing myself, I'd quickly get caught 
up in making minute adjustments and code layout beautification.

All respect to both Simon and David, but they're way off the mark if 
their workflow goes 'Graphic Designer > Programmer > Product', when it 
should go 'Graphic Designer > Programmer > Graphic Designer > 
Programmer > Graphic Designer > Programmer > Graphic Designer > 
Programmer > Product'.

Now I happen to do my own layouts in CSS / XHTML almost exclusively, 
but that's primarily because I am the pipeline :).

But in cases such as this, where we're people with fulltime jobs, 30 
minutes is maybe the only time we can spare, in which case it is a lot 
faster to quickly adjust a PS template rather than having to figure out 
classnames, identifiers and cryptic XHTML structures (sorry W3C, but 
div's just weren't quite ready for primetime layout business, no matter 
what you say).

As soon as we agree that we have something we can work with, I 
definitely think we should proceed to a concept in CSS / XHTML.

- Mike

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