[wp-design] First Draft

Michael Heilemann heilemann at mac.com
Wed Feb 16 21:37:34 GMT 2005

> Michael Heilemann wrote:
>>> I didn't even notice this until you mentioned it, if you're trying 
>>> to emphasis the buttons (which are too small now) perhaps it's too 
>>> subtle? Overall though when watching people using WP for the first 
>>> time I've never seen anyone have trouble finding the publish button. 
>>> Maybe because it's bold?
>>  I think so. The same reason I might add now that you mention it, 
>> that it can be difficult to spot the 'Download' link on the WP site.
> I missed something. Is the download link easy or hard to spot? Is 
> publish easy or hard to spot?

It's a matter of pattern recognition I think, and hey, it might just be 
me, but:

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When I scan from left to right, I stop at Donate, simply because 
Download is bold and thus different from the rest. And I suppose that 
my brain figures that since it's different, it must not be part of the 
menu. Either that or it's an ad or something :)

Too much surfin's made my hypersensitive perhaps :)

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