[wp-design] First Draft

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Wed Feb 16 12:51:43 GMT 2005

To get this ball rolling, I sat down today and really did some work on it.

Here's a screenshot:

The PSD can be downloaded here:

As you can see, some things have happened. I'll list them here shortly, 
without going too much into detail.

* Logo is now top left, as is "view site" and "log out".

* I have done as little "designing" as possible: that comes later.

* Primary navigation is now tabs (based on 

* Secondary navigation is now links

* Font has been changed to Verdana 11 px

* "Proof of concept" icon for "Timestamp updated" system message. The 
icon obviously needs work, but this is where I see icons show their true 

* All input boxes and push buttons are now unstyled. This means they'll 
be dependant on the OS. (Part of my "application metaphor" idea)

* I haven't given ANY thought as to LAYOUT of where boxes should be. 
This needs work.

* No rounded corners to fieldsets

* Added small "(help?)" links

* Added "Textarea: larger / smaller". Good?

* Trimmed quicktags. In my idea, the advanced tags such as "ol, ul, li" 
etc. are hidden using Javascript, so the boxes will appear realtime when 
"more" is clicked, and then this is cookied.

* Instead of "str", "em", i've written "b" and "i". This is what Word does.

* Added "sort of" CSS buttons to quicktags.

* Added a yellow square to "publish" buttons. This is where I see color 
play a important part, as with the sys msg.

* Cleaned up footer.

Some of the strenghts of this, I think, is that while I almost haven't 
removed any text / icons, the whole thing looks much lighter and simpler 
now. Personally, I attribute this to unstyling GUI widgets, which makes 
them "anonymous", as I spoke of briefly in the initial discussions. 
Additionally, the simplicity of Verdana vs. Georgia simply removes some 
stray pixels. If Georgia is such a strong part of the brand (classic), 
then we should use it for headlines, etc.

Comments, questions, suggestions?

Oh, and feel free to rape and pillage the PSD. It's a very good base to 
build off of, since almost everything has now been split up into layers.



Joen Asmussen

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