[wp-design] More thoughts and Logo

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Sun Feb 13 14:08:31 GMT 2005

I don't see any attachment either.

> I agree completely on the select and activate methodology. One thing 
> that I do want is to actually segregate the active items from the 
> inactive ones. Currently this is done vie making the active ones had a 
> bold writing. Yes ok, but not clear enough. I think the active ones 
> should be at the top on their own, while the inactive ones at the 
> bottom. Makes it clearer. I'm thinking more in terms of the plugins 
> and the themes. That way we get a clear cut of what's currently 
> powering the site and what could be added.

Indeed segregation is something that needs clearer defining. How about 
making the "inactive" items be "grayed" ? That would follow OS logic me 


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