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Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 13:56:04 GMT 2005

Okay I've had a bit of time to digest everything, and install 
thunderbird so now I won't be sending pdfs but I'll send formatted 
e-mails. Might help me out with my spelling as well.

So are we decided on the core values. *Easy, Friendly, Flexible*. I 
think Community and Speed are also very essential but the first 3 will 
do just fine.

I agree completely on the select and activate methodology. One thing 
that I do want is to actually segregate the active items from the 
inactive ones. Currently this is done vie making the active ones had a 
bold writing. Yes ok, but not clear enough. I think the active ones 
should be at the top on their own, while the inactive ones at the 
bottom. Makes it clearer. I'm thinking more in terms of the plugins and 
the themes. That way we get a clear cut of what's currently powering the 
site and what could be added.

I definitely think we should have more colour in there. Colour would add 
to that friendly feeling we're trying to establish. I'm going to work on 
my mock up further today and tomorrow and should have something sent 
again. In the meantime here's the logo I've been playing around with. 
I've sent a swf file for Joen and Michael so that you guys can see it on 
your screens (it's better full screen :))

Again this is just ideas that I had and needed to get down. I mentioned 
lines like sound waves that's kind of what I was thinking about.
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