[wp-design] January Deadline

Chris Davis chrisdmitri at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 12:42:24 GMT 2005

I'm good for it, my new book project won't be getting into full swing
until the end of January so there shouldn't be anything to distract

On 12/19/05, Khaled Abou Alfa <khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay Team,
> After my brain dump of projects I'm actively involved with I talked with
> Mike about tying up a few loose ends. The biggest baddest one of them
> all is Shuttle. It's time to wrap this puppy up. Obviously the list will
> continue as WordPress develops further and I'm sure all of us will have
> varying degrees of involvement, however we need to get this package out
> of the door.
> Speaking to Matt a few weeks ago when he was in London, it seems we've
> got a deadline to include this into WP 2.1. The past has shown us that
> in fact we go through bursts of creativity at a time and then calm down
> a bit. I know we're all committed to this and therefore I propose a 29th
> of January deadline, that is the last Sunday in January.
> We don't have much to go, as we're close to the finish line effectively,
> it's just a matter of putting all our ducks in a row and shooting them
> down. I am moving my projects in such a way so that I can devote that
> month to Shuttle. By putting the deadline down it will motivate all of
> us to finish it once and for all. Effectively it will have taken us
> around a year to complete the works, which is much but then again it's
> not like we were working on this full time.
> Matt while I understand that you have to consider the older users as
> well, I really don't think the rest of the pack should suffer, so
> effectively what I'm saying things are going to get slightly smaller
> than what you're used to but they will seem much tighter, while at the
> same time we'll be sure to retain their obvious use. Also know that
> you've got a couple of other coding boys that will take a bit of the
> slack off you.
> I guess what the boys will eventually do is edit the code directly and
> then you and Ryan can poke around and clean up accordingly.
> Right it's time to recharge the batteries over the Christmas break
> shuttle team, think about things and what we'd like to include and then
> jump straight back into it all on our return.
> K
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